Registered TCM Practitioners in Forest Hill VIC

The primary focus with a patient with sport injury is promoting the overall musculoskeletal health.For this our therapists use techniques such as electrotherapy, hot and cold therapy , kineseology and traditional taping, pilates and core controlled exercises, and accupunture. These therapies are prescribed by our healthcare professionals depending upon the medical conditions of our patients. Following is the detailed description of each of the therapy that is conducted in our clinic. Lee focuses on the areas including Tuina, remedial massage, headaches, neck pain frozen shoulder, low back pain, cervical spondylitis, back pain, knee pain and other kinds of chronic pain via acupuncture, remedial massage and cupping.
He also treats some children's diseases like eczema and Stunting, especially good at treating diabetes and amenorrhea. He uses needles to treat pain syndromes with an instant results like neck and shoulder pain, back and knee pain. Australian CMBA 中药 Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist with the Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from University of Technology Sydney . Full member of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society Association .

This ancient treatment is part of the Chinese medicine tradition dating back about 3,000 years and promises to get your qi energy flowing again. Your practitioner will look at your health holistically and decide the best course of treatment. Expect a few treatments in succession upfront followed by less regular visits long-term. Bookwell makes it super easy to live your best life in Forest Hill.
They have a group of AHPRA registered acupuncturists providing quality allied healthcare services to you. Their experienced practitioners have specialist skills and share common compassion for healing. Their passion is to create wellness in the world by empowering you to achieve holistic well-being. They give you a wealth of expertise and experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and have been a popular Chinese medicine clinic in the local area since 1997. The clinic has a strong in-clinical training and assessment system to make the best of their clinicians so that you can obtain the best possible treatment and care. They provide their customers with more options and control over your wellbeing so that you can feel better and experience more of your life and relationships.

Practiced in Beijing University of TCM’s Hospital and has been engaged in clinical work for more than 20 years. Graduated with the bachelor degree of Chinese medicine from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1987. An accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society .
We also use traditional taping for weak and injured joints to support the affected area. In this procedure we often use anchors on the either side where the ligament attaches and the the affected ligament is taped to minimize movement. Tapping is generally prescribed during shin splints, ankle sprains, knee joint injuries, and shoulder and elbow problems.

In his clinical practice, he often combines acupuncture with herbal medicine, body acupuncture with micro-acupuncture. The clinic provides acupuncture & Chinese medicine therapies to help various conditions. Their mission is to provide affordable, high-quality Chinese Medicine health services. Our Chinese herbal medicine practitioners, acupuncturists and Chinese herbal dispensers are all accredited and registered by the Australian regulatory body of CMBA . Some of them are even holding overseas TCM Doctor Licenses with extensive integrative medical experience from China TCM hospitals and various clinical treatments.
Graduated with Bachelor Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Shanghai Traditional Medicine University, Luo practiced as attending Doctor in Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital . She has accumulated more than 10 years of TCM clinical experience. Registered with CMBA as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Dispenser.
We pride ourselves in offering a friendly, convenient, accessible and professional service to all our patients in the Burleigh Waters and Burleigh Heads area. Registered with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia as an Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. He studied at Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine China from 1971 to 1973; and then continued his further education at Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical College till graduation.

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