Termite Protection Melbourne

Our team at Termi Home & Commercial proudly supply the Termimesh barrier control system, to provide protection against termites for new homes and commercial construction projects in Melbourne and throughout VIC. Bug Buster Australia is incorporated with each and every key area required in selection of pest management professional right from qualified technicians, certified entomologist, great experienced business record and high reputation in check with state regulations.
Bug Buster Australia is always ready to deliver the most efficient termite control as well as termite pest control services. Termites, also known as white ants, are both hard to detect and by far the most destructive insects pest control clayton found in Australian homes. If a termite infestation is not treated properly, these insects can extensively damage buildings, leaving homeowners in need of costly and substantial repairs and a loss of equity in their home.

A hollowed-out piece of timber that has been damaged by termites usually sounds hollowed. We've been installing the Termimesh barrier systems in homes in Melbourne and throughout Victoria for over two decades. Our track record in delivering over 450,000 Australian installations provides peace of mind for homeowners and builders, knowing that they're getting the best termite protection barrier solution.
Spring typically is when large numbers of winged termites, known as swarmers,” emerge inside homes. Finally, our dedicated and specialized pest control team resolve all your pest problems with customized solution. We are the team that can deliver a swift, thorough service that will bring you peace of mind and protect your property from a pest problem that could close your doors or require considerable investment to eliminate in the future.
At Dawson's Australia we offer a full detailed visual termite inspection that meets Australian standards using the latest tools & equipment including a moisture metre and a microwave detection unit called a Termatrac. We recommend removing all loose timbers stored in contact with the ground in the subfloor and around the exterior of the home as they are conducive to termite activity.

If your flooring feels soft under foot or your vacuum cleaner goes through the skirting board, the first thing to do is to call us now on 03 9222 2266 and arrange one of our accredited professional termite inspectors to carry out an termite inspection.
If you are aware that there are termites in the buildings that surround your property, don't think that leaving old wood out in areas that are away from your building is a good way to keep them at a distance. If you have termites, we will provide various treatment options in writing and an obligation free quote.
Timbers in ground contact can provide concealed access for termite activity, we recommend for the timber to either be removed, or for the timbers to be raised on metal stirrups. They cause millions of dollars damage to homes and structures throughout Melbourne and Victoria every year, which is why termite protection is so important.

External Timbers: up to 50 metres or to boundaries of property. We then have a full understanding and can explain to you the full extent of the infestation and then we customise the most effective termite treatment to suit your home and your budget. We are proudly affiliated with the following eco-friendly pest & termite control related products and companies.
Protect your biggest investment with termite protection from Dawson's Pest Control. I have used Dawson's on previous occasions and always found their team very professional and work very satisfactory. This damage is not covered by most insurance companies, therefore it's best to ensure all preventative termite protection methods have been established.

My entire interaction with team members has always been extremely helpful & professional yet down to earth from my first phone call to Jane yesterday to Paul & Tim who treated my home this is because of these 3 keys things, HELP, PROFESSIONALISM & SATISFACTORY WORK that Dawson's is my first Go-To for pest control.I hope Dawson's values these great people, they are the ones who make the business succeed or fail.

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